See our collection of Arches. Arches not only add to the beauty because of its curves and design but also supporting significant weight such as beams, ceilings, doorways and windows.

History Of Arches
Arches were first developed in Ancient Greece and later the Romans refined the structure. Arches became an important part of cathedral buildings and are still used today in some modern structures such as bridges. These also find widespread use in home constructions where apart from acting as support structures they serve to beautify the building.

Principle behind the design of an Arch
Stone is weak in tension and cannot span significant distances otherwise there is a danger of its collapsing under its own weight. By configuring it into an arc significant spans can be achieved. This is because due to their structural shape, arches convert tensile stresses into compressive stresses.

Pre coated stucco arches at
If you are into construction business or are building your home, you are most welcome to place an online order for arches and other architectural shapes such as cornices, accents, trims, sills, etc. at our website. All we need are dimensions of your door or window and height of the arch required. You can choose from our varied designs. Our arches and other stucco mouldings are easy to install. Just attach them to the wall and paint using Masonry, Stucco and Brick paint. To contact us, fill in the form available at our site or send us an email at

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