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Architectural Moldings

Architectural Moldings have a functional and decorative purpose. Though the main reason for installing architectural moldings is to give the room a distinctive look, they also serve to hide the joints between walls and floors, ceilings, doors and windows. Simply put, you can cover up any short comings in your construction by making an intelligent use of architectural moldings. Many different patterns and styles are available in our Design Galleries. Some of the popular ones being

  • crown molding
  • baseboard molding
  • panel molding

About Prime Stucco

Primestucco.com is a premier manufacturer of high quality architectural moldings and other pre coated stucco products such as trims, cornices, sills & bands, columns & quoins and arches. Our architectural moldings are in sync with the latest industry standards and would add elegance and value to your home. You can buy quality architectural accents from us at the most affordable prices. Be it bases & capitals, wall brackets, flowers or keystones, we have a great collection of all of these. Primestucco.com enjoys a great reputation in the commercial construction business and is a trusted supplier of construction machinery and technical know how across North America. We invite stucco distributors to join our team and help us in widening our reach.

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