Columns: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Prime Columns be used in the exterior of a house?
Yes, Prime Columns can be used both in exterior and interior of a house.
2. Are Prime Columns load bearing?
The Prime Columns are decorative columns. They are not load bearing. They should be used to wrap around a load bearing post.
3. What is the size of the cut-out inside the columns?
The standard sizes of cut-outs inside the columns are 4x4 and 6x6. We can custom-make the cut-out to your requirements at no charge.
4. How are Prime Columns supplied?
The columns are supplied as 3 major pieces:
Column shaft: 2 halves
Column base: one polyurethane base (round columns) or 4 straight pieces (square columns)
Column capital: one polyurethane capital (round columns) or 4 straight pieces (square columns)
5. Are Prime Columns split?
Yes, the column shafts are supplied in two halves, with a cut-out in the middle. See Column Shafts
6. What are Prime Columns made of?
The shaft of all columns is made of our pre-coated stucco mouldings (See Column Shafts). The shafts are double-coated. There is no need to coat them again. They have very smooth finish and are ready to paint.
The bases and capitals of our round columns (Doric and Corinthian) are made of high density polyurethane foam.
The bases and capitals of our square columns are made of pre-coated stucco mouldings (See Cornices). They come as 4 pieces pre-cut and mitred.
7. Do I need to stucco the columns after installation?
The column shafts are already double coated. All you need after installation is to paint them to the color of your choice using masonry and brick paint.
8. Do I need to paint the columns after installation?
Yes, you need to paint the columns to the color of your choice using masonry and brick paint.
9. What about the column lengths other than those listed in your price lists?
The columns are supplied in 2' increments. You can cut them using a hand saw or miter saw to the size you need.
10. How are columns longer than 8 shipped?
Column shafts longer than 8 are shipped as 2 pieces: An 8 long piece and a smaller piece. E.g. a 14 column shaft is shipped as an 8 and a 6 piece. In this case the two parts of the half shaft have to be glued together at the job site before installation.
11. How are the columns shipped?
The columns are crated and shipped using common carrier (by truck).

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