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Corinthian Columns

When we think about the Antique Greece, the images that spark in our minds often involve magnificent buildings, especially the ones decorated with Doric and Corinthian columns and supported by them. Corinthian style column continues to complete modern architectural design of many buildings.

Corinthian columns are the latest of the three Greek styles and Corinthian style column shows the influence of Egyptian columns in their capitals. Capitals are decorated with olive, or acanthus leaves, making them eye-catching if ceiling is high enough to support a decorated horizontal section.

The Corinthian column is even more highly ornamented than the Doric column. The Corinthian column was evolved in the second century BC and continued to be a trendy element in Roman architecture.

The beautifully designed Corinthian column and stylish architectural molding helps to make any building look more striking and impressive. The decorative Corinthian and Doric columns will add elegance and style to the exterior of any private or commercial property. Add grace and style to your house: make it as unique and as special as you only can.

PRIME Stucco offers a wide variety of Corinthian columns and Doric columns for any exterior decoration. Take a moment, please, to look through our comprehensive online collection and choose the most suitable Corinthian column, Doric column or any type of stucco columns we offer for your house decoration and home reinvention!

Our modern Corinthian style columns and elegant Doric columns are not only gripping additions to your home, they also stand up almost any weather conditions for years of use. Decorate the exterior of your house: take advantage of the magnificent columns and other architectural accents we offer at PRIME Stucco!

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