See our collection of Architectural Mouldings. Eifs stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems and is also called synthetic stucco. It is a multilayered exterior finishing technology used in constructions. Eifs effectively controls heat loss but if moisture seeps in through the layers, it can lead to some structural problems. But with expert handling during installation this problem can be avoided.

Eifs give unmatched versatility to stucco homes and provide different architectural column styles, giving them a very impressive look. EIFs has three layers—the inner layer that is an foam insulation board, the middle layer that is a polymer and cement based coat, and the exterior layer of a textured finish coat. All three EIFS layers bond to form a covering.

To maintain Eifs, any openings, such as doors or windows need to be sealed to prevent water from seeping. Drains need to be clean and items that penetrate the stucco must be sealed. The difference between synthetic and traditional stucco is that while the former is soft and sounds hollow on tapping, the later is hard and brittle. Eifs technology effectively reduces the energy consumption and is used to create different architectural elements like keystones, columns, rosettes, and architectural accents. Primestucco.com is a leading manufacturer of both traditional and synthetic stucco mouldings. For details, please visit our Stucco Products section. In addition, manufacturers can also avail technology solutions and construction machinery from us. The team at Prime Stucco wholeheartedly welcomes distributors and dealers across North America interested in selling our offerings.

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