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Exterior Columns

Exterior columns are placed at the corners of a building and at the points where the modular grid intersects the long outer walls. Additional columns may be placed in the center of the end walls and along a central modular grid line depending upon the length of the building. Exterior columns are basically used as support structures. However, with decorative capitals & bases, they add a classy feel to the structure.

uyer’s guide to exterior columns

  • Firstly choose between a full column (360 degrees) or half column (180 degrees). Another option you have is the square section pilaster.
  • Next make your choice regarding the exterior column capital & base style you want.
  • The section between the capital & base of the exterior column can be either fluited or plain. Make your decision depending upon the look you want.
  • Finally consider the height required.
Primestucco.com has a rich collection of architectural columns, including exterior columns. Our columns are robust and can withstand moisture and bugs. We offer our customers a large number of sizes and patterns to choose from. Along with this, we also accept custom orders, where in we make various pre coated stucco mouldings and architectural accents strictly according to client specifications. We have a long list of customers who have used our stucco products for their stucco exterior homes.

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