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Exterior Window Trim

Exterior window trim is often used as window borders to render an elegant stylish look to them. Exterior window trim is also referred as exterior window molding that is used to give the windows proper furnished and finished look. They are not only used as decorative items but also provide durability to the windows. It must be strong enough to hold the glass tightly within itself.

Exterior window trim in combination with the unique architectural column styles enhance style and elegance of the dwelling. The perfect duo of two is bound to win you compliments of all your relatives. Exterior window trim also helps you in saving money as they have low installation and maintenance cost.

Benefits of exterior window trim

Exterior window trim is quite similar to the exterior door trim. A door trim can be cut into specific size which can be used as an exterior window trim. These window trims can also be used for internal purposes as per the needs of an individual. Exterior window trim helps in removing the rough edges and hiding the scars or joints as well.

Trims at Prime Stucco Mouldings

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