Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the difference between your mouldings and others?
The difference is in quality, detail, consistency and final cost. We manufacture our mouldings using advanced machinery and quality material that ensure fine and consistent details that can not be achieved with tools and methods available on the job site. You will save on time and labor that ultimately translate to lower final cost.
2. How could I find out if a contractor is actually using your products?
Give us a call! We have received complaints about some contractors that use our catalog to approach customers, but later install counterfeit products. You can call us to find out if a contractor is actually using our mouldings.
3. How can I order your products?
Please see How to Order for details.
4. Do you ship to the US or Europe?
Yes. We ship our products to customers in the US, Canada and Europe.
5. What do you need to give me a quote on my project?
We can provide your with an estimate, if you email/fax/mail your measurements, drawings or pictures of your projects.
6. Will I pay customs, brokerage fees or taxes when I order from the US?
No. We we will pay customs and brokerage expenses. You will not pay any sales taxes because of NAFTA. You may need to pay small brokerage fee (about $20) for small orders shipped by UPS or FedEx.
7. How long will it take for my order to get delivered?
We maintain a large inventory of profiles marked with e (eXpress Ship) and they can be shipped within 3 business days. We will require about 1 week to manufacture arches or custom mouldings. The delivery time is from 3 to 5 business days.
8. How are your products shipped?
Stucco mouldings are shipped in wooden crates by trucking companies. Please see How to Order for details. Orders of smaller and lighter products such as keystones may be shipped by UPS or FedEx.
9. Is there a minimum order amount?
There is a minimum order of $500 for stucco mouldings.
10. What would be the shipping cost?
Please see Shipping Cost for details.


1. What are your stucco mouldings made of?
Please see Technology.
2. What are the available colors?
Our stucco mouldings are shipped only in natural gray. You should paint the mouldings (using high quality Stucco & Masonry paint) to the color of your choice after installation.
3. Will your stucco mouldings crack?
No. The coating on our stucco mouldings (FLEXOCOAT) is made of polymer enhanced stucco. FLEXOCOAT has built-in flexibility and will not crack because of temperature changes.
4. Are your mouldings resistant to extreme temperature changes and the elements?
Yes, our mouldings have been tested in harsh high and low temperatures. Our stucco mouldings have been tested on temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
5. Can your mouldings be painted?
Yes. You should paint our mouldings using Stucco & Masonry paint after installation.
6. How often should I paint the mouldings?
Paint manufacturers usually give 20 years warranty on Stucco & Masonry paints. Our mouldings will not rot from within.
7. Will your mouldings rot?
No. Neither our stucco mouldings (trims, cornices, sills & bands, columns, quoins) nor our polyurethane mouldings (keystones, bases and caps, pediment flowers, corbels and brackets) will rot. Our mouldings are virtually maintenance-free. You only need to paint (using high quality Stucco & Masonry paint) them when necessary.


1. How should I install the mouldings?
Please see our installation videos and documents for detailed instructions.
2. Do I need to paint the mouldings?
You should either paint or apply stucco finish coat on our stucco mouldings. If you choose to paint, you need to paint the mouldings using high quality using high quality Stucco & Masonry paint unless you apply another stucco coat on top of the mouldings.
3. Do I need to apply finish coat on the stucco mouldings?
Our stucco mouldings are already coated with twice (with a smooth top coat). You should either paint or apply stucco finish coat on our stucco mouldings. If you choose to paint, you should paint the mouldings to the color of your choice using high quality Stucco & Masonry paint after installation.
4. Can I install your mouldings on brick or stone exteriors?
Yes. Please see Brick & Stone Mouldings.
5. What should I use to glue the mouldings?
You can use construction glues to glue the mouldings to the substrate. Please see Adhesives & Patching Compound for stucco mouldings, and Installation of Polyurethane Accents & Mouldings for details.
6. How do I finish the ends of the sills?
Please see the video 'How to Build a Window Sill' in Installation for detailed instructions. We can finish the ends of the sills and headers for $40 for each sill or header.
7. What is the standard length of your stucco mouldings?
Stucco mouldings such as trims, cornices, sills & bands and column shafts are produced in 8' lengths.


1. Do you make custom mouldings?
Yes. We can make custom stucco mouldings according to your specifications. Please see Custom Mouldings for details.
2. I need to see a sample of your stucco mouldings, how can I order a sample?
Please see Order a Sample for instructions.

Couldn't you find an answer to your question? Please contact us with your question(s), and we will reply asap.

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