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Foam Columns

Foam Columns can dramatically improve the elegance and style of a building. A sophisticated selection can help you win the compliments of not only the relatives but also passers by. We here at PRIME Stucco and Mouldings help you to choose the best foam column for your abode.

Foam columns are the exterior columns which provide a tough support to the building -- beams and arches. The role of decorative columns can never be overshadowed by the columns for exterior usage. Numerous architectural column styles are now available at primestucco.com which you can get molded as per your requirements. EPS foam is used to toughen the foam columns.

Architectural details of the buildings should be drawn giving due importance to the details of the Foam columns required for this purpose. Remember foam columns offer increased resistance and thermal insulation against sun, wind, ice and rain. So choose them intelligently. Primestucco.com here offers foam columns in various designs and profiles. These foam columns are double coated using flexicoat which makes them firm. So buy the precoated stucco columns and quoins here and that too at great prices. To buy the foam column, just place an order with us, and we will ship it to you. All profiles are available in both Pre-coated Stucco and EPS Foam shapes. We employ creative and cost effective foam column manufacturing process.

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