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All Products Shipped to the U.S. Duty Free Under NAFTA


Please use our online shopping cart if you are ordering pediment flowers. Call us or send us an email to order other architectural accents such as keystones, corbels, brackets, column bases and capital. There is no minimum order requirement for these items.

If your order includes stucco mouldings (such as trims, cornices, arches, sills and bands) follow the following steps:

Please send us your project requirements to receive a quote. Here is the information that we need to provide you with a quote:

  1. Any forms listed in ELEVATIONS, WINDOW DESIGNS, MOULDINGS (Trims, Cornices, Sills & Bands, Quoins, Column Shafts), CUSTOM MOULDINGS, CIRCULAR ARCHES, ELLIPTICAL/OVAL ARCHES, COLUMNS OR the list of the products that you need and their quantity OR the project drawings
  2. The shipping address, zip code or postal code required for estimation of the shipping cost
  3. Your contact information (email, phone)
You will place your order by faxig the signed quote to us. We will ship the products based on your requirements directly to your job site. All products are shipped duty free under NAFTA.

You can send us this information by fax, email, or mail. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about ordering.

Phone: 1.647.241.4046
Fax: 1.866.663.7453

Mailing Address:

Prime Mouldings
23 West Beaver Creek, unit 9
Toronto, Ontario
Canada L4B 1K5
Showroom Hours:
Monday - Saturday, 8 AM to 12 PM
Or by prior appointment

ELEVATIONS: We can do all the estimations from a copy of the elevations. All you need to do is to send us those elevations, and specify the profiles you like, or ask us to recommend some popular ones.

WINDOW DESIGNS: We can prepare a quote showing all the mouldings and quantities you need based on your selections from our Window Design Gallery, and approximate dimensions of the windows and doors.

Please fill out windowByDesignRFQ.doc or windowByDesignRFQ.pdf to provide us with this information.

MOULDINGS (Trims, Cornices, Sills & Bands, Quoins, Column Shafts): If you know the quantity and the type you need, you can simply fill out mouldingsRFQ.doc or mouldingsRFQ.pdf to request for a quote.

CUSTOM MOULDINGS: We can manufacture custom mouldings according to your designs. Please see Custom Mouldings for details.

CIRCULAR ARCHES: We supply arches with any of our Trims and Cornices profiles. Arches are custom built for each order. All we need to manufacture a circular arch is the profile id of the trim of cornice and arch's two dimensions:

  1. Width of the door or window
  2. Height of the arch: the distance from the middle to the bottom of the arch.

We can make the arch that will perfectly fit on your window or door.

ELLIPTICAL/OVAL ARCHES: We can manufacture elliptical/oval arches ( see Ellipse ) with any of our Trims and Cornices profiles. Please provide us with either of the following when ordering:

  1. AutoCad Drawing
  2. Paper template
  3. The window SKU or design number in case you are using Anderson or Pella windows

COLUMNS: Columns are made of a column shaft (Columns & Quoins) and a base and a capital (Bases & Capitals). Please fill out columnsRFQ.doc or columnsRFQ.pdf to request for a quote.

MINIMUM ORDER: The minimum order for mouldings (trims, cornices, sill & bands) is $500. There is no minimum order of architectural accents such as keystones and brackets.

SHIPPING & DELIVERY: See Shipping Cost. Stucco Mouldings are shipped using trucking companies (Common Carrier). The mouldings are crated in wooden boxes to ensure safe delivery.

You will receive a call prior to the delivery to schedule the delivery time. Drivers do not load or unload the freight. They do move the freight to the end of the trailer for the customer to unload.

Please call us or send us an email if you have any questions about ordering or our products.

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