Rosettes are the decorative trims carved on the toughened stuccos. Rosettes are the architectural ornaments molded in the shape of rose petals giving a lavish look to your house walls and ceilings. These decorative moldings give an attractive look to the building. Rosettes are now available in different colors and shapes to add sophistication and charm to your house. Rosettes are manufactured using stucco molding technology and are trimmed according to the shapes required.

At, you can choose the rosette which best suits your needs and requirements. Our Ornamental Pediment Flowers come in a variety of sizes and designs, which add elegance, beauty and value to your home. They are made of lightweight and durable polyurethane foam and can be used on exterior of your home. Rosettes selection should be done carefully keeping in mind the style and building architecture.

Your house is a reflection of your personality and your choice. We mostly judge ones living standard by his/her house. At, we assist you in decorating your house while it is under construction. Care must be taken before selecting every architectural accent-- be it the columns for exterior or a rosette. We offer you the best architectural accents such as Columns, Bases and Capitals, Keystones, Brackets and Pediment Flowers at competitive prices. Call us to get our architectural accent price quote or to become our stucco product distributor now.

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