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Stucco Columns

Stucco Columns are made of stucco mouldings. The durable finish generally consists of cement, sand, and lime, and applied to walls while wet or molded to various shapes or stucco columns.

Stucco columns are used as exterior decorative columns. From construction perspective, the stucco columns are used to support beams or ceilings. Stucco columns are used widely as architectural columns to increase the value and durability of the architecture made. Wide range of stucco columns are being used in residential homes as they add special design feature to the homes. Exterior stucco walls finishes are also done. Stucco columns are build-using stucco and can be molded according to the curves that are part of house planning and architecture. Stucco is available in different colors and textures so stucco columns can be made in different colors accordingly. Apart from adding beauty to your building, another advantage of stucco products is that they can be used in any climate.

Stucco columns need to be maintained properly. In case there are cracks in the stucco columns, they must be recoated or repainted according to the corners of the buildings and walls. Stucco columns add a great appeal and give a unique appearance to the building design.

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