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Stucco siding is used to protect the buildings from water getting into them. Stucco siding refers to the "skin" or exterior face of the building that can be seen. Stucco that is cement, lime, sand and water is used as a siding material as it adds life and strength to walls and your home exterior. Stucco siding is done to make your home exterior and walls durable and long lasting.

Stucco siding has minimum cracks can last up to 30-50 years. It can be done in variety of types as siding is mainly done to protect the building from weather and shed extra water. Stucco siding is expected to be one of the best siding type. For siding, natural synthetic stucco can be also be used. Stucco siding is done according to the requirements and specifications of the building, for example, its complete architectural details. Cost and lasting life should also be kept in mind.

Stucco siding can be directly used on cement blocks or even wood. Now a days synthetic stucco or eifs are also used as siding, as it is less prone to water damages and keeps the building in very long lasting condition.

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