A house is our most priced possession. It cannot be built again and again so it must be strong enough to withstand all the climatic odds. To make it strong enough stucco is the elemental base which is used in construction. It is nothing but cement or a plaster which is widely used in the construction of the buildings.

Traditional stucco is a mixture of cement, sand lime and water and is used for siding. This cement mix is applied directly to ready masonry surfaces or indirectly over other bases like chicken wire, etc. The stucco material must be of high quality so as to avoid any cracks or loopholes in the building. Another type of stucco called synthetic stucco also referred as eifs makes the building long lasting since it helps in reducing the moisture content.

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Stucco can be used to manufacture numerous stucco products which can be employed for decoration purposes. Prime stucco offers you pre-coated foam mouldings, columns, quoins, cornices, sills and bands, keystones, brackets, etc. is the leading supplier of Stucco Mouldings and that too at tempting prices with a long lasting warranty of 5 years. We use latest Stucco Moulding technology. Stucco homes built using our stucco mouldings render a lavish look to your abode. Also visit our stucco houses style gallery to know the latest stucco trends.

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