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PRIME pre-coated stucco mouldings can add unparalleled luxury and beauty to your home or your building project (see our Design Galleries) at very reasonable costs.

PRIME exterior mouldings are designed for, and tested in the harsh Canadian climate. They will withstand extreme climatic temperatures, sun light, rain, ice and snow for many years. Our products have a 5 year limited warranty.

Technology: Our mouldings are made of three components:

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  1. The EPS foam core (UL certified Expanded Polystyrene): Precision shaped with detail forms the base of our mouldings.
  2. Fiber-glass reinforcement mesh: Reinforces the mouldings and prevents cracking.
  3. FLEXOCOAT coating: Our own high strength polymer and cement formulation that provides a hard, durable, yet flexible surface.

PRIME mouldings are precision coated with FLEXOCOAT at our factory for uniform thickness and detail. FLEXOCOAT can be brush painted using Brick and Masonry Paint. There is no need for a “trowel” or “spray” stucco coating after installation.

PRIME mouldings compliment stucco, stone or brick building systems. You may choose one of our standard profiles shown in this catalog or we can manufacture to your unique design.

PRIME mouldings are manufactured in standard 8’ lengths. We manufacture arches, window and door trims, quoins, pilasters, columns, bases, capitals and many other appealing architectural accents.

Installation of PRIME mouldings is fast, easy and will save you time and labor. The mouldings can be cut using a miter saw at the job site and glued to the wall using construction adhesives. Temporary fasteners are employed for larger, heavier mouldings to aid the adhesion period.

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